Children’s Holiday Club

On Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th August 2017, Salem Church held a Children’s Summer Club. This was the first time for many years that such an event had been held. It was organised and run by Dana Nitisor (the pastor’s wife) and a band of willing helpers it was a ‘leap of faith’ as we had no idea how many children would come- if any!

A banner advertising the club was displayed at the front of the church and leaflets handed at the front of the church and leaflets out in the opposite to passers by and to friends with grandchildren or children .

On the first day 22 children accompanied by parents or ‘carers’ attended and on the second,33 children arrived with adults.This was an amazing response! How would we cope with such numbers?

However adequate planing and provision had been made to interest and occupy everyone.

Each morning began with a prayer, a special action song and Bible verse to learn and memorise.

Some of the children enjoyed coming up to the microphone to try and say the verse from memory.

One area of the church was sectioned off with toys for the very young, while various activities took place on the other side. These included, painting T shirting, making paper bag puppets, paper plate pigs and decorating biscuits with icing and ‘sprinkles’.

A hi-light of the first day was a conjuring performance by Nick Lear, a regional Baptist minister who is also a member of the ‘magic circle’. It was wonderful to watch the children’s faces as they tried to puzzle out how the tricks were done!

Half way through each morning drinks and biscuits were served to the children  and parents in a room behind the Church. Needless to say the biscuits disappeared rapidly!

The children return to the church for a bible story, before hurting, laughing and screaming into the main hall for a game and turns on the ever popular bouncy castle.

The sessions concluded back in the church for a final songs and prayer.

Everyone who attended the club was invited to a barbecue on the Friday evening and to a special service on the following Sunday morning

So, was it all worth it.

One parent put it like this. “It was wonderful, amazing, the children loved it. I’d certainly bring my children to anything the church organised in the future”

As a church we pray that in some small way, God’s love and concern for our ‘neighbours’ has been demonstrated through this venture.


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