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Our History

This is by no means an exhaustive account of our history, but we are very grateful to all the people in the past who have taken the time to write their accounts over the years of Salem Baptist Church Romford down on paper. We have not changed any of the content and have kept it in its original form as it is in the booklet.

A short summary of our history

Although the original idea to form a church of the Baptist Denomination was first mooted in 1833 by a Godly Man (I R Ward), he was unavoidably prevented.

Through a series of personal tragedies, including the death of his wife, the plan was postponed until May 1834 when a room was opened for prayer on Wednesday evenings.

On the 15th March 1835, this ministry was extended to include Sunday morning worship. It was not until the 13th May 1836 that the church was finally and officially formed.

There can be no doubt there were no rich people among the founder members. What is obvious is that individually, they were very ordinary, humble God-fearing folk with a love for Jesus and His Gospel, they wished to communicate to the then, gross darkness engulfing their benighted town of Romford.

From the Inaugural Church Minutes of 1836 one is impressed by their faith, their humility, their love for Jesus and each other.

Certainly, we have nothing of which to be ashamed in the Christian character and courage of our brothers and sisters in Christ, who in obedience to a heavenly compulsion founded our church 176 years ago.

During that time in the process of ministering to their fellow citizens in Romford, it has witnessed the coronation of Kings and Queens, social and political upheaval, three wars. In the World War II it had the distinction of being the only church in Romford that did not close its doors for Sunday worship throughout, in spite of their air raids and the church hall suffering a direct hit by two incendiary bombs.

In 1936 the majority of church members relocated to new buildings in Main Road. The minority who remanded did so because they saw the necessity to retain a Gospel witness on their historic ‘Salem’ site in the London